Ice cube beauty is trending for a reason! Ice can tighten pores, refresh your skin, add instant glow and also help control oiliness. Using different teas and skin beneficial natural solutions in the form of ice cubes can do so much more than just refreshing and tightening pores. Below are some of our favorite ways to use ice in beauty routine-

TONING– Blend together aloe gel and rose petals with little water and strain. Pour it into ice cube trays and freeze it. Use it after cleansing to tone your skin, nourish, soothe and tighten it at the same time.

AFTER-MAKEUP- Mix together rose water and green tea in equal quantities and freeze into ice cubes. After makeup removal and all the cleansing, use the ice cubes to cleanse the pores and detox your skin. This helps prevent clogged pores and breakouts.

AFTER-SUN EXPOSURE- Use frozen aloe gel cubes directly on skin after sun exposure. You can also freeze oat milk and use it in a similar way.

HAIR GROWTH ALOE VERA ICE CUBES – Aloe vera is a natural hair moisturizer and it adds a boost of hydration to dry and frizzy strands. It also forms a protective film on the hair thereby preventing it from sun damage and keeps it manageable. Make Aloe vera ice cubes to add hair shine and promote hair growth. READ MORE…

DRY NAILS FASTER –  simply by dipping your painted nails into a bowl of ice water. Leave them for a few minutes, then allow to air dry.

AFTER FACIAL– Rubbing your skin with ice cubes after a facial can help add glow and tighten the pores that were opened due to facial steaming or extraction. You can use ice cubes made by freezing green tea, rose water, diluted apple cider vinegar, aloe juice etc.

SUNBURN REMEDY – The best way to treat sunburn is to rub a few ice cubes on the affected area. This will help ease the pain by providing a cooling sensation and also by absorbing the heat from the skin.

CLEAR ACNE TURMERIC ICE CUBES – Turmeric is a well-known skin brightener and anti-microbial ingredient. Make turmeric ice cubes to keep acne at bay and also helps fight acne spots. READ MORE…

Note: Do not use ice cubes directly. They can cause the delicate capillary under your skin to break. Wrap them in a clean cloth before you use them.