SKIN CLEARING POWDER – smooth, clear and health skin

Ubtan is used in India since ages. Mostly, the brides to be, uses ubtan daily as a part of their daily skin care regimen. Well, it can be used by everyone who wants radiant, clean and bright skin! It is especially useful for people with oily skin. It has many benefits. It is a natural cleanser and a good exfoliator. It removes the blackheads as well.


You can make ubtan at home easily with the ingredients available with you. You have to have some time for yourself, for skin pampering. Here is the method.


Gram flour: It is easily available at home. It tightens your skin, removes the blackheads and makes your skin soft and smooth. It is a good exfoliator and lightens and brightens the skin.

Bentonite or Indian healing clay : Along with gram flour it helps to brighten the skin. It makes your skin smooth and supple. It gives your skin an instant glow. It is an excellent scrub. It helps to cure open pores.

Turmeric powder: Turmeric is an antiseptic and good for skin. It as acts an exfoliant. It will improve your complexion. It is good for improving the skin complexion and fights acne. READ MORE – 6 BEST OVERNIGHT HAIR SLEEPING MASK FOR THICKER HAIR


  • Gram flour- 4 Tablespoon 
  • Bentonite Clay – 2 tablespoons
  • Turmeric powder- 1 tablespoon


In a bowl or jar, add gram flour, clay powder and turmeric powder. Mix everything well and your ubtan is ready! You can also add in orange peel powder and rose petal powder for added benefits. Store the powder in an air-tight jar in a cool and dry place.

To use, mix the powder with rose water for dr skin or apple cider vinegar for oil skin. Mix a teaspoon of fresh tomato juice to get rid of pigmentation. READ MORE  – Coconut Hair Spray – for dry, frizzy and damaged hair

How to apply-

Take the powder and apply it to your face and body. It has to be applied in upward direction. Keep it for 15 minutes. Wash it with normal water making sure you massage while you rinse. Pat dry with a towel.

This is a natural pack with lot of benefits. Use it once or twice a week and get a bright, clear and radiant skin!