Saffron is an aromatic spice an is the most expensive among all the spices! It is ideally produced in Kashmir and this particular one is found to be the most aromatic, great in quality and super beneficial of all the other saffron manufactured elsewhere. Saffron is nothing but style/stigma also called as threads of the flower Crocus sativus which are hand plucked and dried. They have amazing health and beauty benefits! Read on to know-


  • Saffron has an impressive amount of anti-oxidants called crocin, crocetin, safranal etc. These compounds also have great anti-depressant properties!
  • Safranal in saffron is the one compound that gives saffron its vibrant color and beautiful aroma!
  • Saffron is said to reduce appetite and aid in weight loss eventually!
  • Saffron is great when it comes to aromatherapy! Even simply sniffing saffron tea or simply saffron strands can boost happy feelings!
  • Saffron has amazing skin brightening and tan-reducing properties! It also adds a really healthy glow to the skin which makes a great ingredient for pre-bridal beauty treatments.
  • Saffron helps ease PMS symptoms like stomach ache, cramps, bloating, headaches, irritability, etc.
  •  Saffron is a stimulant tonic and very effective to treat cold and fever


Saffron milk- Place a saucepan on medium heat and pour in 1 cup milk (nut milk tastes the best) and pinch saffron. Add in few teaspoons almond flour, honey as per taste preferences and some cardamom. Let it simmer for 5 minutes and turn off the heat. Pour in serving cup and enjoy while still warm.

Saffron skin gel- In a mortar pestle, grind pinch saffron and add it to pure yet commercial aloe vera gel. Mix well and transfer it to an easy-to-use container. Use it in the morning and also before bedtime.

Saffron mask- In a bow, add 2 tablespoons whole wheat flour. In another bowl, add 3-4 tablespoons hot milk and add in pinch saffron. Let it infuse for a few minutes and pour it into the whole wheat flour. Mix well. Add in some rose water to adjust consistency. Apply evenly on face and neck. Can also be used for the entire body. Rinse off after 30 minutes.

Saffron facial and hair oil- On a double boiler, add 1/2 cup olive oil or almond oil and 1 tablespoon saffron strands. Let it infuse over the heat for 30 minutes with a lid. Turn off the flame and transfer the oil with saffron in an air-tight container. Place the oil near your window for 2 more weeks for infusion. Use it as a facial or body massaging oil or as a hair mask. Few drops can also be used as a facial oil before bedtime.