Rose water is widely used for tons of purposes in health, home and beauty! Rose water is also found as an ingredient in cleaning products, beauty products and health drinks. Today, we will see how amazing rose water is and how one can use it in different ways-



  1. Cleansing properties- Rose water has amazing cleansing properties which is why it is used in a lot of skin and hair cleansing products!
  2. Anti-inflammatory- Rose water has great anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. It has calming effects and makes a great after-sun mist!
  3. Brightening– Rose water is said to have skin brightening and anti-pigmentation properties which makes it a great ingredient for anti-dark circles diys/products and skin brightening diys/products.
  4. Fragrant– Rose water has its own natural scent and is used as a body fragrant mist! Also is used in products for 100% natural fragrance. It is also said to have aromatherapy benefits.
  5. Anti-shine- Rose water is great especially if you have oily skin since it has oil-controlling properties.
  6. Fight acne- Rose water keeps pores unclogged which makes it a great ingredient for problematic skin.

DIY rose water recipe – Before you head on to the rose water uses, check this homemade rose water recipe so you could make your own!



  • Add few tablespoons in your washing machine wash load to make your clothes smell great!
  • Mix it with olive oil to use as a wood and leather polish.
  • Add a cup to floor and glass cleaning solutions.


  • FACE MIST – Rose water is used to treat acne and acne prone skin. Add few drops of tea tree oil to rose water and then it as a facial mist for clear glowing skin and also to make your makeup last long.
  • REFRESH EYES – Soak Few cotton pads in rose water and use it under your eyes to get rid of dark circles and refresh tired eyes.
  • SLEEP SPRAY – Mist rose water on your face, body and pillow for a deep sleep.
rose water

Rose water is extremely beneficial for your skin as it can used as a natural astringent. It helps to restore the dull complexion, clear acne, tighten and shrink pores. Rose water helps to leave your skin smooth without drying it out. READ MORE…


  • Use it as a last hair rinse and do bot rinse it off.
  • Use it directly as a hair mist after hair wash.
  • If you have dandruff, add some tea tree or peppermint oil and use it as a leave-on scalp mist.
  • Use it in place of water while making homemade hair masks.
  • For dry hair ends, add in some sweet almond oil and spray it on the hair length.
Rose Water Hair Mist for shiny, frizz free hair

Rose water is a great natural moisturizer for your hair. It is an excellent remedy to get rid of dry, damaged hair. READ MORE..