How to make Mint Tea and Benefits

Peppermint tea is well-known for relieving inflammation in the body and works great for relieving menstrual cramps, bloating, indigestion or any other stomach problems. Below is how you could make peppermint tea along with its benefits:

How to make Mint Tea and Benefits
Benefits –

Just like peppermint oil, peppermint tea helps to reduce headache, sinus infection and promotes relaxation.

A cup of peppermint tea before bedtime promotes good sleep.

Peppermint tea treats a variety of digestive and stomach problems including bloating, indigestion and constipation.

How to make Mint Tea
Mint Tea Recipe –

Take 5-6 organic mint leaves and wash it thoroughly. Once washed lightly crush the mint leaves to releases the oils and it to a mug.

Boil about 250 ml of water in a pan and pour it over the mint leaves.

Cover the mug and let it steep for 5-10 mins. Strain the leaves out and add honey to your tea if desired. READ MORE – TOP DIY HAIR SCRUB for faster hair growth

Variations –

Ginger – add 1 inch of ginger sliced in along with mint leaves for cold. Ginger has some pretty amazing health benefits including aiding in digestion, fighting nausea, soothing upset stomachs, and can be anti-inflammatory.

Fennel – Add a tsp of fennel seeds to soothe a tummy and treat bloating.

Lemons may make you pucker, but they’re packed with the antioxidant vitamin C. This is especially important during the winter months when you are trying to boost your immune system. 

Add 1 tsp of Honey to soothe sore throat. READ MORE – GET RID OF SCAR, SPOTS AND PIGMENTATION OVERNIGHT