Aloe vera is a great multipurpose skin and hair care ingredient. It helps keep skin clear, fight acne, keep dandruff away, make hair grow and add shine etc. The only downside of using fresh aloe is that it cannot be stores and goes bad pretty quickly if not stored in the freezer. An amazing way to saturate the beneficial compounds in aloe and make the ingredient last for months is using it in powder form. Powder form contains least or no water activity and keeps bacterial or fungal growth away. Below is how you could make your own aloe powder.


Benefits of Aloe vera Powder –

Clear Skin : As it is rich in vitamins C and E and beta carotene (a pre-cursor to vitamin A), Aloe may have some anti-ageing qualities. Its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, and its known for its ability to fight acne for clear skin.

Lighten Blemishes : Because of its soothing effects, it adds to speed up skin cell reproduction, fight inflammation and reduce redness, Aloe Vera is a great natural home remedy ingredient for acne scars and stretch marks. With some added lemon juice, it may also help lighten age spots and freckles.

Promote Healthy Hair Growth : Aloe Vera may help activate new hair growth by increasing the blood circulation to the scalp, and delivering several important vitamins and minerals. It contains proteolytic enzymes which is know to support repair dead skin cells on the scalp.

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Things you need-

  • 7-8 medium-big fresh aloe vera leaves
  • 1 mug water


Cut fresh aloe leaves and keep it straight with the open flesh facing towards gravity, covered in tissue to let the latex flow down and get absorbed. After 30 minutes, wash the leaf and wipe.

Cut out aloe slices and toss them in water. Let it sit in the water for 3-4 minutes to wash away residual latex. Remove the aloe slices from water and place them on butter paper on a flat plate or tray.

Place the tray in direct sunlight for a few weeks until they are completely dried and crisp. You can also use a dehydrator if you have.

Grind the dried leaves until you achieve fine powder. Transfer the powder to an air-tight jar and use it as and when required.

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