COCONUT HAIR CONDITIONER for smooth shiny hair

Shampooing is often accompanied with conditioning because shampoo strips your hair and scalp off its natural oils and makes it dry and frizzy which is why you apply a conditioner too keep it moisturized and soft. Commercial conditioners contain silicone that give your hair a silky effect but also causes product buildup and is certainly not natural. Looking out for a natural solution? Below is a recipe for homemade hair conditioner that not only coats your hair but also works in keeping your hair naturally healthy and shiny.



Coconut oil- Moisturizes, nourishes and repairs hair.

Avocado oil- Has great moisturizing and nourishing properties. Also boosts hair growth by reducing tangling and breakage and keeps hair shiny.

Things you need-

  • 1 cup coconut oil
  • 1/3 cup avocado oil
  • Essential oil (optional)


In a wide mouthed bowl, add coconut oil and avocado oil.If coconut oil is liquid, keep it in the fridge to solidify before using.Whip the mixture until fluffy and light and store it in a jar.Your conditioner is easy to use. Just apply it on dry hair before shower, keep it on for few mins and then shampoo off. Use it 2 times a week.