4 HEALING HONEY DRINKS – boost immunity, treat cold and get a good nights sleep

Folks, if you look at history, honey has been used as a remedy to cure various diseases and to boost immunity. Did you know that the soldiers in ancient days used raw honey to heal their wounds? That tells us the healing properties of honey which has been proven since centuries. The benefits of raw honey are immense and therefore in this article we have decided to show you a video to prepare 4 best drinks with honey as its main ingredients. Further, in this article we will also highlight some of the important health benefits which you can derive by including honey in your regular diet.



Honey kills unwanted bacteria and fungus  – Honey contains an antiseptic which is known as hydrogen peroxide which is effective in killing unwanted bacteria and fungus in our body. In a serving glass, add 1 cup warm water and add in juice of half a lemon, pinch cinnamon and 1 teaspoon honey. Stir well and consume this.

honey boost immunity


Immune boosting and anti-cancer benefits – You usually find a compound known as Phytonutrients in plants which helps it to keep insects away and shields it from harmful ultraviolet radiation. But did you know that these compounds are also present in honey which is responsible for its antioxidant properties and thus boosts your immunity and has anti-cancer benefits? So here is a very good reason why you should add honey into your regular diet. Very useful to treat acne and to brighten the skin   – Honey has components which is very beneficial for your skin and is very known to treat acne as its speeds up skin cell healing process. In a jar, add 1 cup raw honey, 1-2 organic lemon sliced and 1-2 inch ginger slices. Let it infuse overnight. In the morning, Add a tsp of this syrup in a mug and add warm water to boost immunity and get healthy skin. You can store this syrup refrigerated for 1-2 months.



Effective in treating digestive problems  – There are people who suffer from frequent digestive issues like diarrhoea, colitis’s etc. There are some bacteria’s in that live in our intestine which cause problems. Honey as our friend nourishes good bacteria which not only improve our digestive system but also our overall health. Honey speeds up wound healing process  – Manuka honey is well known to speed up wound healing process and is well known in reducing infection. Antioxidants in honey prevents heart disease – Honey is a rich source of antioxidants and researchers have shown, that these antioxidant compound called polyphenols which is present in honey plays a vital role in preventing heart diseases. So, this is a vital reason as to why one should use honey in their regular diet. In a serving glass, add 1 cup warm water and pinch of cinnamon, 1 tablespoon ACV and 1 tablespoon raw honey. Stir well and consume this. Add ice cubes to have chilled.



In a cup, add 1 cup warm almond milk and 1 dash cinnamon powder. Add in raw honey as per taste and stir. Consume 30 minutes before bedtime.