GREEN TEA SKIN GEL SERUM helps brighten and even skin tone.

Green tea is a popular health and beauty ingredient and has tremendous benefits! Apart from helping you lose weight, green tea or matcha powder can make your skin look flawless and provide it a dose of anti-oxidants. If you want t incorporate natural serums in your beauty routine, you should definitely start with this super easy 2-ingredient green tea skin gel that we absolutely love! Here we are with an amazing recipe for green tea skin gel below-

GREEN TEA SKIN GEL SERUM helps brighten and even skin tone.


  • Matcha powder is a great source of anti-oxidants, fights acne and scarring and nourishes skin. It is nothing but green tea leaves that are in powder form and because it is in powder form, the nutrients are concentrated and targets specific skin concerns. Helps detox skin, unclog pores and also brighten complexion.
  • Aloe vera gel Hydrates and soothes skin, fights acne and keeps skin clear and well-moisturized. It also helps reduce pigmentation, brighten completion and keep skin plump and nourished.


Things you need-

  • 1 tablespoon green tea powder/matcha powder
  • 3 tablespoons aloe vera gel- commercial
GREEN TEA SKIN GEL SERUM helps brighten and even skin tone.


In a bowl, add commercial organic aloe vera gel. Commercial aloe gel contains emulsifiers and preservatives and has great consistency. Fresh ale gel won’t work well in this recipe.

Add in organic matcha powder and mix until thoroughly combined. You can also add in few drops essential oils f your choice.

Store in a jar and use it on your body and face as and when required.

**Caution- Use only organic ingredients. Patch test before using.

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