Popsicles are loved by many! Not only are they easy to prepare but you can also experiment with it and use almost any ingredient you love. Be it fruit juice or fruit concoction mixed with milk, they taste great and can be easily made provided you have a popsicle mould. Here is an easy fruit popsicle recipe that tastes creamy and delicious at the same time!  The best part? You can modify the recipe according to any fruit that you have at present!


Things You Need:

  • 1 cup fresh strawberries; diced
  • ½ cup sugar; granulated or castor sugar (you can use more or less according to your taste preferences
  • Maple syrup or honey
  • Greek yogurt; 1 cup


In a cooking vessel, add diced strawberries and add in sugar.

Cook the strawberries until well combined and mushy. Turn off the flame and let it cool.

Add in few tablespoons of milk to the strawberry mixture to tone down the extreme sweetness. This will also make the strawberry mixture harden to the desired chewable consistency when frozen.

In another bowl, add greek yogurt and stir until smooth.

Add in honey or maple syrup according to your taste preferences and mix thoroughly.

To assemble, add 2 tablespoons of strawberry and greek yogurt mixture alternatively in the popsicle mould. Make sure you tap it after adding each layer to settle the mixture.

Place the mould in a deep freezer for good 3-4 hours (or more if required) and your creamy fruit popsicle is ready!


Tip: Place the mould in warm water before unmoulding the popsicles to avoid breakage.