Natural ingredients found in your ktichen work very well to prevent and treat alot of of hair problems! You could definitely add some natural ingredients in your shampoo to give your hair that ‘extra’ nourishment that it needs.. Here are some natural ingredients that you could add in your regular shampoo to strengthen your hair, reduce hair fall and make your hair grow like weed –


LEMON JUICE – Lemon has natural exfoliating properties and is anti-microbial and anti-fungal which is great to treat dandruff, dry and itchy scalp. The citric acid in the lemon is a natural cleansing agent that removes product buildup from the hair products, which can make your hair dull and weigh it down. Lemon juice is also great for oily hair as it will absorb the excess oil from the scalp. Regular usage of lemon juice in shampoo with make your hair grow in a healthy way.

Lemon shampoo: Add half teaspoon lemon juice in 2 tablespoon of a mild herbal or natural shampoo.

HONEY – Raw honey is naturally antibacterial and antifungal, so washing your hair with honey can help treat a bacterial issues on the scalp. It is a natural antioxidant that tends to make your scalp healthy, kills bacteria, restores moisture and reduces dandruff. As honey is an emollient, it also improves the health of the hair follicles which are responsible for hair growth. Researchers say that proper use of honey of treatment of hair can wake up the sleeping hair follicles which boost the growth of hair. 

Honey shampoo: Add half teaspoon organic raw honey to 2 tablespoon of mild shampoo or make a HONEY SHAMPOO BAR RECIPE. **warning** : Regular use of honey can lighten your hair.

RICE WATER – Rice water contains vitamins, minerals and amino acids which are essential for beautiful skin and healthy hair. It is rich in antioxidants and allantoin, known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Washing your hair with rice water makes hair longer, stronger and shinier.

Rice shampoo – Mix together 1/2 cup rice water and 1/2 cup castile soap (or any natural liquid soap base) in a jar. Add in lavender oil and stir gently. READ MORE – How to make rice water.

ALOE VERA – Aloe is widely known for its amazing ability to promote hair growth, treat dandruff and keep your scalp moisturized and balanced.

Aloe vera shampoo: Add 1 teaspoon fresh aloe vera gel to 1 tablespoon of natural shampoo to make a moisturizing shampoo. READ MORE – DIY ALOE HAIR SPRAY FOR HAIR GROWTH AND SHINE

ESSENTIAL OIL – Rosemary or lavender oil is known for its amazing properties to boost hair growth and is very useful in treating dandruff issues as well as dry and scaly scalp. Essential oils will stimulate the hair follicles, as a result of which hair will grow longer and stronger. If you suffering from dandruff then add in few drops of tea tree oil.

Essental oil shampoo: Add 3-4 drops essential oil to 2 tablespoon of any herbal shampoo.

GREEN TEA – The antioxidant properties of green tea can make your tresses look healthy and beautiful by preventing grey hair and reducing hair fall.

Green tea shampoo – Wash your hair with green tea or make a DIY green tea shampoo.

SEA SALT or sugar – Salt helps to exfoliates scalp, buffs away dead skin cells and removes product buildup.

Salt shampoo: Add 1/4 tsp of sea salt to 2 tablespoon of any herbal shampoo to exfoliate scalp.

AAMLA – Amla oil is known to remove the unwanted flakes off the scalp. It also helps in opening of the pores thereby giving room to the scalp to produce natural oils. This encourages hair regrowth. READ MORE – How to make amla oil.

Way to use with shampoo: Add ½ teaspoon aamla juice to 2 tablespoons of your regular shampoo.

ROSE WATER – Rose water stabilizes the hair’s pH balance and can aid in repairing dry damaged hair. It contains anti-inflammatory and natural antiseptic properties to promote healthy hair growth.

Rose water shampoo: Add 1 teaspoon rose water to 2 tablespoons shampoo or use it to dilute shampoo and then use to wash hair as usual.