I love using body washes over soap bars because body washes feel comparatively more fragrant and moisturizing and they are very easy to carry around. There are tons of body washes available in the market; have you ever thought of making your own using all skin beneficial ingredients? Here we […]

We all carry hand sanitizers with us and they do a great job of disinfecting your hands on-the-go. If you are someone who loves to use organic and homemade/safe products, you certainly wouldn’t want to use alcohol based hand sanitizers and alcohol is the main ingredient in all the commercial […]

Turmeric is a well known skin care ingredient and is used in a lot of commercial products these days as a dominant ingredient. It is long known in Ayurveda for its effective skin clearing and brightening effect. How about making your very own natural and organic turmeric cream? Below is […]

Super soft skin looks healthy and glows because it reflects light better. Product build up on skin causes clogged pores and makes your skin dull, this happens with dead skin build up too that makes your skin rough making it problematic and susceptible to various skin issues. It is important […]

In this era of pollution and ever rising temperature, out skin tends to get dull and dark! A proper skin care routine is a must because gone are the days when we lived in a happy association with trees, plants and pure air; the air around us is filled with […]

Dark pores or spots on legs are common especially if you shave or have ingrown hair. Also, waxing can make your pores on the legs look dark if you have enlarged pores or cellulite. Getting rid of those strawberry legs isn’t easy but you can certainly lighten its appearance with […]