Licorice is a well-known skin brightening ingredient and is used in a lot of homemade as well as commercial skin products. licorice root might not be easily available but you do get licorice powder online and offline and can be used to make great DIY masks. Below is a recipe for licorice skin brightening mask-

Licorice Skin Brightening Mask


Licorice- Has skin brightening and lightening properties. Evens out complexion and adds a healthy glow.

Milk- Has skin softening and brightening properties. Also lightens tan and rejuvenates.

In a mixing bowl, add licorice powder and add in enough milk to make a smooth paste.

Apply an even layer of the mask on face and neck and let it sit for 30 minutes before rinsing off.

**Caution- Patch test before using.

Licorice Skin Brightening Mask