COCONUT MILK MASK FOR smooth, silky and straight hair 

Hair that is rough or damaged appears unevenly textured and looks frizzy and lacks shine. If you have rough and frizzy hair, you may find yourself reaching out to your hair straightener quite often to give it a straight, sleek and polished look which can further damage your hair and its a cycle. Here we are with a natural hair mask that can make your hair sleek, shiny and straight-



Coconut milk- Softens hair, repairs damage, adds shine and makes hair frizz-free and sleek.

Honey- Hydrates hair and adds shine.


In a bowl, add thick coconut milk and add in honey.

Mix well and your mask is ready!

Apply generously all over hair and scalp and let it sit for 2 hours before washing off for smooth, silky and straight hair


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