EXFOLIATING MASK for smoother, softer skin

Peel off masks are easily available commercially but did you know they contain all nasty synthetic ingredients that aren’t 100% beneficial for the skin? Ever tried making your own peeling and exfoliating mask? here is a recipe with added skin nourishing benefits-



Hibiscus tea- Helps increase cell turnover, soften skin, buff away dead skin cells and give a smoother complexion.

Agar powder- Peeling action helps exfoliate skin and remove dead skin layer. Also retains moisture and hydrates skin.


In a bowl, add hot and freshly brewed hibiscus tea. If you do not have commercial hibiscus tea, make your own by simmering hibiscus flowers (dry or fresh) in water.

Add in agar powder and mix until agar is dissolved.

Apply a thick layer on cleansed face including lips and let it dry for 15 minutes.

Peel off and you are done!

Use twice a week.

**Caution- Always patch test before using.


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