Applying facial oils make an important step in skin care routine because facial oils are nothing but mixture of natural and concentrated oils in combination with a base oil that work directly on your skin layer. Also because these are ‘oils’, they do an amazing job of moisturizing your skin and keeping it plump and healthy. There are a lot of brands offering wide range of facial oils but they do burn a hole in your pocket! You can prepare your own facial oil too without having to spend much. Below is a recipe for easy 3-ingredient homemade facial oil that is suitable for all skin types and will keep your skin healthy:




Argan oil- Argan oil makes a great ‘base-oil’ because it is suitable for normal to oily skin types including acne-prone and blemished skin. It also does a great work of diluting the concentrated oils making them suitable to be used on skin. Argan oil has great skin benefits like moisturizing, anti-ageing, skin softening, etc. and it also adds a natural glow to your face.

Rosehip oil- Rosehip oil makes a great skin nourishing oil and is suitable for all skin types just like argan oil. This oil is incredibly regenerating and is great for younger as well as aged skin. It makes skin firm and soft and also gradually balances sebum secretion and repairs skin imperfections like pigmentation, dry patches, fine lines, acne etc.

Lavender oil- Lavender oil makes a great skin healing oil that suits all skin types and skin of all ages. It improves skin texture, adds a boost of hydration, reduces skin inflammation, reduces oiliness and acne and also helps prevent clogging of pores.


Things you need-

  • 5-6 tablespoons of argan oil (base oil)
  • 7-8 drops of rosehip oil (nourishing oil)
  • 5 drops of lavender oil (healing oil)


  • In a bowl, add in all the oils and stir.
  • Pour this in an amber bottle or glass bottle but make sure you store it in a dark and cool place.
  • To use, take 3 drops of this oil on your palms and rub your palms together in order to heat the oil.
  • Now, pat the oil onto your cleansed and dry facial skin until absorbed. Follow with your regular skincare routine/layer other products that you normally use.



**Caution: Always patch test the oils before using. Never use essential oils directly on your skin, always dilute them with base oils. If you are pregnant, always consult your doctor before incorporating any essential oil in your skincare routine.